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Discover the knowledge and tools to build a cohesive, motivated, and results-driven team.

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Build High-Performing Teams With


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In "The Powerhouse Team Playbook: How to Build a High-Performing, Results-Driven Team," author, Alicia L. Turner, provides a comprehensive guide to creating and leading a successful team in any business or organization.

Drawing from her extensive experience in team leadership, management, and organizational development, Turner offers practical strategies and actionable advice to help leaders build a powerhouse team that produces outstanding results.

Readers will learn how to identify and leverage the strengths of each team member, foster a laser-focused and collaborative work environment, and overcome common challenges that can hinder team performance. With real-world examples and practical tips, Turner provides the tools and techniques needed to cultivate a thriving team that consistently delivers exceptional outcomes.

Whether you're a seasoned team leader or a new manager looking to improve team dynamics, "the Powerhouse Team Playbook" arms you with the knowledge and tools to build a cohesive, motivated, and results-driven team. With this invaluable resource in hand, you'll be equipped to elevate your team's performance and drive real, measurable impact.

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  • Blueprint with Action Steps to build your Powerhouse Team

  • Real-world stories and descriptions that explain how the book concepts will apply to your team

  • Practical Tips and Techniques, including behavior-based interview questions

  • Tactical Guides on how to address performance, including establishing key
    performance indicators

  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from leaders who are building
    Powerhouse Teams

  • Glossary of Powerhouse Team terminology

Alicia wrote this book to provide frustrated leaders with a solid roadmap for revolutionizing their team's performance. She understands the challenges and complexities of leading teams in today's fast-paced and ever-changing market landscape, and she wanted to share her proven strategies and insights to help leaders overcome these obstacles and achieve their goals. As a certified speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant, she understands the struggles of leaders who are seeking to create a thriving, results-oriented team.

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Alicia Turner, seasoned operations and leadership practitioner and consultant, leverages her 20+ years of experience in leadership to help organizations overcome their process and people challenges. Her background as a Human Resources and Organizational Development executive and Chief Operations Officer in a billion-dollar health care corporation has equipped her to relate to leaders and teams at every level, making her the perfect guide for your journey to excellence.

Alicia’s firm, North Compass Solutions, works with leaders and teams in organizations that are struggling to execute. Her experience is that there are common process and people challenges that are the main cause. With a background that includes non-profit, commercial, and government organizations, Alicia's business philosophy is rooted in sharing her hard-earned experience and lessons learned, making complex issues, processes, and problems simple while empowering leaders to create high-performance teams.

In The Powerhouse Team Playbook, Alicia uses her real-world insight and practical wisdom to guide leaders and teams toward consistent execution and increased performance. With her extensive background in team leadership, management, and organizational development, she provides real-world examples, practical strategies, actionable insights, and specific tools and techniques on how to become a thriving team that consistently meets and exceeds goals.

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